Assembling America’s favorite sports car is like any other manufacturing operation – mostly the same thing all day, every day – but when Larry the Cable Guy is around, it makes for an interesting time. When the blue collar comedian visits Bowling Green, Kentucky, things get a little hairy on the Corvette assembly plant floor in one of the latest episodes of the History Channel’s “Only in America.” Check out Larry’s light-hearted attempt at helping factory workers in the video above, compliments of Keith Cornett over at CorvetteBlogger.

The History Channel’s “Only in America” show follows none other than Larry the Cable Guy as he treks across America discovering things that make this country great. From “interning” with the Naked Cowboy of New York City, to learning moose mating calls in Alaska, Larry discovers things uniquely American on his journey.

When Larry stops in Bowling Green at the Corvette assembly plant in one of his upcoming episodes, he sticks out like a sore thumb on the plant floor. Not only does he touch a freshly painted body panel, he also struggles to assemble a seatbelt for a waiting car and fails to see the point of buffing out dirt behind where the license plate goes.

In addition to Larry’s antics, you get to see some of the assembly plant from beyond the tour routes and hear from some of the dedicated American workers that put the Corvette together every day.

For more of Larry’s adventures on “Only in America,” tune into the History Channel every Wednesday at 9p.m. ET and be sure to tune in on March 28th for the full episode featuring Larry’s visit to the Corvette assembly plant.