Video: Kuwaiti Street Race Ends with Flaming Corvette Fireball

While the Corvette may be America’s sports car, it has found a place in the homes of fans and enthusiasts around the world. And for all the noise the Middle East makes about hating America, they sure love our cars. On any given Arabian night, you can find plenty of high-end European exotics and American muscle (including the Corvette) flying down the wide, flat, straight roads that criss-cross the deserts between different sandy kingdoms.

Jalopnik came across this video of a supposedly nitrous-injected Corvette getting walloped in a race against a Porsche Turbo “Black” Edition. But the real fireworks don’t begin until the Corvette catches fire.

There are plenty of videos spread across YouTube and the rest of the Internet showing hapless Corvettes going up in flames. What makes this video particularly noteworthy is that it comes from the streets of Kuwait, and that the aforementioned flaming Corvette doesn’t suddenly catch on fire and come to a stop. No, at these speeds these guys were racing, the suddenly-flaming engine quickly engulfs most of the car. The result is a fast and furious fireball that passes within a few feet of the cameraman’s lens.

The trouble actually begins a few seconds before the Porsche Turbo goes flying past, as we can see a fireball burst just as the camera cuts away to follow the Porsche. Then a bright fireball blazes past, and the video ends, leaving us to wonder what became of that car and its driver. We hope that guy had a few wishes left on his magic lamp.

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