Video: K&N Makes Searching For Products Easier Than Ever!

Finding parts and components that fit yours specific year, make, and model can be a daunting task. Moreover, there’s no sense in installing one of those “universal” kits. What’s the fun in that, especially when it’s not guaranteed to fit. To aid and educate its customers, K&N filters has gone through a ton of trouble to make sure you find exactly what you need; the first time around.

Now, using K&N’s website on a standard computer or through your personal smart phone, anyone can search for the K&N product of their choice just by filling out their simple to use searching system. What’s more, once you’ve located the exact part, you can have the option to buy the product instantly through any number of K&N’s authorized dealers in your area!

K&N’s got everything covered and offers several options. Their first option allows you to log onto your home computer or smart phone device. From there, just select the year, make, and model of your vehicles and a list will appear. With the list, go ahead and click on the desired product and you’re done and have the option to purchase as necessary. K&N’s second option allows the user to fill in your vehicles VIN number for an exact match. Again, once its located your parts, you have the option to purchase them from your local, authorized dealer.



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