Video: Jay Leno Checks Out The Very First Corvette AeroWagen

By now you’ve probably already heard of Callaway’s AeroWagen package for the C7 Corvette, which is essentially a hatch lid replacement, adding more space and, of course, more style. Callaway wanted to come up with a vehicle that is unique, but not dramatic or over the top. In our opinion, the AeroWagen is just that.

As with almost every other new performance car, Jay Leno had a chance to check it out, alongside a C7 fitted with Callaway’s 757 package. The video above is mainly focused around the AeroWagen, featuring the very first one to ever be produced.


The structure of the rear add-ons are explained as Peter Callaway, son of founder Reeves Callaway, notes not only the stylistic changes, but those of the powertrain as well– with the AeroWagen also housing the 757 horsepower power plant under the hood.

Among other upgrades, the factory supercharger is replaced with a larger 2300cc unit and a unique intercooler design is added, all while retaining Chevy’s factory warranty. Callaway’s reliability and dependability is almost unmatched in the aftermarket world– believe it or not, you can actually grab one of these babies straight off a dealership lot if you really wanted to. If one chose to add on the AeroWagen parts to a previously purchased Corvette, the package would cost roughly $15k– which doesn’t seem half bad to us.

Check out the video to learn some more about the new AeroWagen and find out what Jay thinks of it, check out the popular 757 package, and get a history lesson on Callaway cars straight from the founder himself.


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