Video: Japan’s RK Design Shows Off Their Corvette ZR1

It’s hard to believe that anyone could look at the flared fenders and functional scoops of the ZR1 and think to themselves “Hmmm….It’s just not aggressive enough.”  However, there are people like the guys at the Japan based RK Design seem to do just that, and still look for a way to take the ZR1 to the next level. RK was recently showing off their ZR1 at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and posted this video from YouTube to let all of us who weren’t at the show get a look at it.  

RK took a stock ZR1 and focused on adding lightweight styling materials with at least some degree of functionality to the car. After covering the Corvette in a matte gunmetal finish, they added carbon fiber splitters to the front and sides, as well as their own rear diffuser with redesigned exhaust tips. Some of the Japanese influence comes out with the tuner/rally style carbon fiber vortex generator on the roof and round driving lights added to the redesigned from bumper. The lightweight theme continues with RK’s proprietary magnesium wheels on all four corners.  

RK focused on visual upgrades to the interior and exterior of their ZR1, and left the LS9 stock.

Inside the ZR1, RK ditched the sub-standard stock seats everyone hates so much, and replaced them with a set of Recaros. Now, we will be the first to admit that the green, yellow, and speckled interior theme isn’t what we would’ve gone with. However, you’ve got to admit that it’s a fresh and unique take on the common C6 cabin.

So what’s your take? Did RK Design succeed in their mission to improve on the looks of the ZR1?

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