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Video: Is This the Best Kid’s Room Ever?

A while back, we showed you the C6 Zo6 kid’s bed from Step2, which is remarkably faithful to the real thing, and even has working headlights. Of course, the thing we heard most often in the comments was, “Why don’t they make this in queen or king size? Forget the kids – I want one of these!” Well, now we’re going to make things worse by showing you this video, which might trigger an even more intense case of the do-wants.

neonbedThese enterprising parents have taken Step2 a step farther by adding color-changing LED underbody lights to the Corvette bed – while it’s been a long time since neon was cool on a car, we’re reasonably certain Kaiden (at least we are guessing that is his/her name, based on the custom street sign on the wall) is young enough to have missed that fad the first time around. We also get a look at what might be the best possible use of a big-box discount store hubcap repurposed as a ceiling light, plus some other automotive-themed decor.

While it looks far to tidy to contain an actual kid, we approve of this, even if it is a little too model-home-precious. Scale it up by 50%, and you’d have the ultimate place to dream about America’s sports car, even if it does look a little bit like a “theme” room in a Japanese love hotel…

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