It’s February and most of the country is dealing with snow and ice, both of which are not the best environment for sports cars.  My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth’s helicopter crew managed to get video of a Corvette owner and his plight in the snow. Dallas does see snow from time to time, but it usually doesn’t stick around for long, and the current Snowpocalypse is pretty much unprecedented in the way it’s shut things down throughout the south.

Common sense would tell you not to drive a C6 (or any ‘Vette) in weather conditions like these. Snow and ice is the domain of 4×4 trucks and winter beaters, not Corvettes. Sure, the new ‘Vettes have amazing handling, power and braking capabilities, but just not in snow. As you watch the video of the car struggling to gain traction on the snowy. icy road, it makes you wonder why any sane person would attempt to drive that car… The helicopter crew is watching the guy slip and slide down the road; they seem to enjoy the anticipation of whether or not the driver was going to end up in a ditch.

Midway through the video, the driver slides to the other side of the road and gets stuck yet again. Only this time he gets out of the car and proceeds to throw a temper tantrum. Another driver stops next to him, perhaps to offer assistance? However the ‘Vette driver continues on with his meltdown.  Hopefully this gentleman’s folly will serve as a reminder to leave the ‘Vette in the garage, and call a rental company if you don’t have another car.

Corvette Caught in Slippery Situation: