Video: Is Fender Gap A Problem? Eibach Springs Shows Us Why.

Fender gap. We all know that a massive gap between the tires and the fender looks horrible, like Steve Urkel wearing ankle high polyester pants, but are there other reasons to worry about fender gap? You bet.

Chances are that if you have a large fender gap in either the front or rear of your car, you also have stability problems. Unless you like a lot of body roll and that uncertain feeling when you are hard cornering, fender gap is a safety issue.

We asked the folks over at Eibach Springs why fender gap was a problem and they sent us over a few videos. A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is priceless. Check out this video on fender gap and a small economy car doing some cornering when taking Grandma down to the pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled.

For your own safety, “Tuck and Roll Grandma”:

Maybe you think that having a massive fender gap at the rear of your car gives it a retro hot rod look. That raked out look only looks cool when there are a monster set of fatty tires filling up the wheel wells. If you’re trying to pull off the ‘raked’ look with low profiles on stock rims, chances are that hot chicks in convertibles can readily identify you as an undesirable moron. Let’s see what happens when our massive fender gap geek is approached by a couple of hotties in a convertible:

These are true stories and events that have happened time and time again. The folks at Eibach Springs, Inc. have decided to come to the aid of victims of ‘excessive fender gap’ with a pioneering new support program.

According to a press release from the company, “As reports of anti-fender gap behavior increase, and the number of ‘gap’ related driving incidents continue to climb, Eibach Springs has been prompted into action – founding Gaps Anonymous.”

GA Center Director, Dr. Rathlein explains, “Listen, this is a real problem. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. Excessive fender gap is a disease. It’s offensive to people and it incites anti-social behavior. We provide the cure to close the gap. GA is a safe place. Victims can share their story, work the steps, and find serenity, along with a dramatically improved standard of life.”

As one of the GA’s early success stories, Geoffrey Price attests first hand to the type of malicious behavior sufferers can expect to experience. “I honestly thought life couldn’t get any worse,” said Price. “For me, I hit bottom when a beautiful, but appalled girl threw a rabid raccoon through my driver’s window at a stop sign, after macing me only moments earlier.”

See Geoffrey Price’s worst moment ever, when he finally realized that he hit bottom:

The dangers of excessive fender gap, aka ‘EFG,’ aren’t limited to personal attacks. Increased body-roll and poor braking characteristics have also led to documented cases of low speed passenger ejection and rear ending.

If this has ever happened to you, there is hope:

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