Video: Interview With Man Who Filmed Thanksgiving Street Race Crash

Meet the man who filmed the Thanksgiving Day Corvette Street Racing Accident – Gerod Rush. Rush is an auto enthusiast himself, and a resident of the Woodlands, Texas, where the accident occurred on Thanksgiving morning, and did an interview with Houston’s ABC13 about the accident, and his opinions on the subsequent fall out over his video, that might lead to the arrest of the two drivers.

Rush says he was on his way to pick up his family’s Thanksgiving turkey, when he came across the driver in the C5. Rush tells the reporters, “I was actually driving next to the guy on the right first, and he kind of sped off. All of a sudden out of nowhere the guy on the left pulls up and they kind of start racing and going back and forth for about a mile before they came to the stop light… they got up to a good speed before they even got to this light. And with the conditions – with it being cold… I knew it wasn’t going to end good.”

Rush admits that the car guy in him actually felt a little bad for the two Corvette drivers. “I don’t like [street] racing now, because I have a family, and I know what it can do. But at the end of the day, I did have a little bit of sympathy for them, because I have been in their shoes at one point.” Rush does hope that perhaps his video will help people to understand the very real dangers of street racing.

Check out the video, and get all the info straight from the source.

Gerod Rush is the man behind the Camera of the now infamous Thanksgiving Day Corvette Street Racing video.

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