Video: Internet Sensation Uses Plasti Dip on Day Old C7

In the vehicle modification world, few things have caught on as fast as Plasti Dip has over the past couple of years. What was once used to coat tools and electrical connections, has now been converted into an internet sensation for car enthusiasts to change certain aspects of their cars. Plasti Dip really has caught on like wildfire with the younger demographic because it serves as an affordable and not-so-permanent way to modify the color of your car. People go from mild to wild with this stuff changing the color of simple trim pieces, their wheels, and sometimes even the entire car! 

What you don’t see too often is high end cars getting the Plasti Dip treatment – maybe it’s a generational thing or the fact that Plasti Dip offers the younger demographic a very inexpensive way to modify their vehicles, but usually, people that can afford a high end car will just pay to have it modified rather than spray it themselves. This is not always true, however.

Lia aka SSSniperWolf

Lia, or SSSniperWolf as she is better known as on YouTube, is an internet sensation for video game fanatics with over 37-million views and 630-thousand followers. In her recent video, she posted a beautiful red on red 2014 C7 Vette she had just purchased – and guess what? She changed the color of the wheels, emblems, and chrome grill insert using Plasti Dip. Considering this is a brand new Vette (note the paper plates still on it), this may come as quite the shocker for some diehard enthusiasts. 

On the plus side, at least it isn’t permanent! So when the time comes to trade in the Vette on her next ride, everything will be totally reversible. A great looking girl like her in a great looking car is a sight to be seen – but how do you feel about using Plasti Dip on a brand new Vette? Let us know in the comment section below!

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