In a culture that’s looking to move fast all the time no matter what we’re doing, we’ve lost some connection with our fellow automotive enthusiasts. Sure, you’ll see some people stop and ask a car owner about their ride at a car show or cruise night, but you’ll see just as many guys and gals breeze by, barely glancing at a car let alone making eye contact with its owner.

Just the same, more and more companies have mainstreamed their businesses, offering automated tech lines instead of being able to talk to a real person, or encouraging people to visit their website to do their own research before calling up and talking to the people who should know the ins and outs of their products better than anyone. But that’s not how Zip Products is run. Check out what sets Zip apart in the video above.

How many times have you walked into a store and been unable to find someone to point you in the right direction for a product you’re looking for? How many times have you come to a crossroads on a project or run into a problem only to be shuffled around an automated tech line and hung up on three times before you got anywhere? If you answered yes at least once to either of these questions, welcome to the fast-passed culture of America. But not everyone is satisfied with running their businesses that way.

Since 1977, Zip has specialized in bringing real quality Corvette parts to its customers while providing a real person on the other end of the phone when you call for information or advice. But it gets better. With over 15,000 square feet, Zip stocks over 15,000 part numbers that can be packaged and shipped the same day so you don’t have to wait a second longer than necessary to get your car back on the road or project back on track.

While Zip has been around for 35 years now, there are no gimmicks keeping them as leaders in the industry. As their website says, Zip is “real people, selling real Corvette parts, in real time.” And it should come as no surprise that way of running a business has given Zip life-long repeat customers.