When we think of advances in automotive technology, we sometimes tend to focus on improvements to drivetrains, suspensions, and other major mechanical components. But automakers have also introduced an incredible level of technology and connectivity into new cars. The 2014 Corvette Stingray, for example, features a next-gen configurable instrument cluster display designed to prioritize whatever information the driver declares important.

Chevy has released this video explaining the different modes the custom display has, which can show you everything from tire temperatures and lateral-g to navigation and lap times.

The Tour Theme, for example places all the information pertinent to daily driving within easy grasp. This “standard” mode puts information like fuel economy, as well as the navigation system, front and center on the display cluster. It also allows you to control the entertainment system without having to stare at the center console and fumble with dials like an idiot.

Sport Theme, on the other hand, recreates that classic muscle car feel, albeit with some 21st century enhancements. For example, the outside edge of the tachometer glows redder and redder as you approach the rev limit. The display will also adjust the redline for optimum performance based on engine temperature, and a friction bubble lets you monitor your lateral g-forces in real time.

The customizable display cluster includes information on lateral g forces, lap times, and directions to your next destination.

Finally there is the Track Theme, based on data from the C6.R Corvette Racing cars. This theme grants access to a lap timer that maintains your best lap times, which is nifty. More importantly though, it allows you to see your tire temperatures, set a timer to capture your 0-60 MPH times, and even provides shift lights to help hit that perfect gear change.

All those features, packed into that tiny gauge cluster that many of us have long taken for granted. The more we learn about the 2014 Corvette, the more incredible it seems.