Video: How NOT to Sell a Corvette

What’s the best way to sell a custom-painted C5 Corvette fast? We’d suggest not pulling it out in the snow and slush to shoot a commercial of it, for one thing. In a YouTube video posted on June 3rd, Morrissey Motor Company from Madison, Nebraska advertises a 2004 C5 Corvette using images of the car in a snowy parking lot. Can we suggest not slopping snow and slush onto the car in order to sell it?

The C5 is very nice looking with true-fire flames laid over a black exterior color, and matching airbrushed details under the hood. We’re not ragging on the car, we just don’t understand why a commercial for this car was shot in the snow and then put online right as summer begins. The commercial was posted on YouTube by the dealership hoping to sell the car, so it’s not like the video was coming from a second party.

We realize that cars come into dealerships at all times of the year. However, we would hope that a dealership that should know what it’s doing would take extra care to keep this car clean. This is especially the case if the dealership is taking pictures of the Corvette for a commercial and hoping to sell it.

Nothing says “Buy Me” like slush smeared on the on the door sills and floor mats caked with ice melt and snow. We hope that the car sits in the showroom currently a bit cleaner than it was presented in the commercial. If you’re interested in going to look at the car, the dealership contact information is in the video – let us know if they’ve managed to depreciate it any farther or if they’ve cleaned up their act.

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