The earliest automakers probably didn’t give much thought to the technology in the differentials of rear-wheel drive cars. Posi-traction and Detroit Lockers were major performance advancements that seriously helped performance though, and these days modern technology has made even more amazing things possible.

This video showcases Eaton’s E-Locker technology, an amazing device that provides the best of an open-differential around town, and the grip of a full locking differential at the track.

An open differential is a good option around town, providing comfort and better efficiency when it comes to fuel economy. Unfortunately, this setup only spins one wheel. Eaton’s E-Locker turns that open-differential into a locking differential with the push of a button.

This video explains how it works. When the E-Locker system is engaged via a dash-mounted button, the friction between the armature and electro-magnet forces a ball ramp mechanism to push the locking pins into the matching holes. This engages the second axle, going from an open differential to a locking one for the track.

It is one of the more all-around useful enhancements you can add to your car, so check it out.