Video: How Corvette C6 Bumpers Are Made – or is this the C7?

UPDATE: Close inspection of this bumper shows that details, like the angled corners of the air inlet and the lower part of the air dam with prominent “teeth” on the leading edge, don’t match up with the C6. Is this actually the C7 nose?

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The video has been made private, so I guess it really IS the C7!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Now the video “does not exist.” We have emails in to our contacts at GM, but it looks as if this is as confirmed as it will get…

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: We managed to get a rip of the video and re-upload it for your viewing pleasure!

The Corvette C6 is entering its final year as GM readies a more-modern replacement, but this generation of Y-body has certainly been a good model for GM, raking in the cash while delivering the fastest, most powerful factory Chevrolets ever built. Which brings us to our next video.

See, we focus a lot on different aspects of the Corvette build process, though mostly on the engine, transmission, and chassis components. But what about the unsung heros like the composite body panels that have become integral to the Corvette legend? We came across this video from the Omega Tool Corp., one of GM’s Tier 1 suppliers who as it so happens molds the plastic body panels for the Corvette. This video shows how Omega makes one of the most complicated parts, the front bumper cover.

The video starts inside the design software, where we can see a virtual version of the C6 Corvette bumper taking shape. After that we can see artists’ sketches showing just how the molding process works. Very simply, a composite resin is injected into a mold, after which hydraulic actuators “push” the finished piece out.

But the building process isn’t over, as both man and machine must work to cut the finished composite bumper out of the machine. From there more machines remove the bumper cover and take it to the shipping department. It’s definitely a neat video, and shines a little light on where those lightweight Corvettes get their clothes.

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