Upon hearing “Corvette crash, driver ejected from the vehicle,” most would assume this would be gory tale with a tragic end. YouTube is famous for having video clips that once seen, cannot be unseen, but in this case the driver of the Corvette simply gets up and walks away after the crash. Most performance car owners know that snow equals disaster, especially for Corvettes. Remember the video footage from the local news in Dallas, Texas when a C6 owner uses his Corvette as a snowplow during the 2011 snowpocalypse?

Luckily this driver is cruising the snow-covered residential streets in what appears to a Power Wheels Corvette. As the driver gains speed, he decides to make a hard turn that results in the car catching air, dragging the rear bumper in the snow and ejecting the driver from the vehicle. This particular instance might be one of the few times when wearing a seatbelt could have caused injury; although with a top speed of 5 MPH in stock form and the requirement of adult supervision seat belts are probably unnecessary. It is hard to tell if the camera person was an adult, but perhaps the grown-ups need supervision after a couple beers on a snowy day? No one appeared to be injured in the horrific crash, but somewhere there was a 4-year-old girl crying after daddy wrecked her Corvette.