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Video: Hooning Borrowed C5 Z06 Leads to a Nasty Crash

Just 55 seconds in, we're already seeing that the traction control is off, and the judgement switch is set to "bad" with this ill-timed attempt to pass slower traffic.

We’ve all had days when we wished we had a 15-second rewind button on the universe – just one do-over so that we could take back something stupid we’ve said or done and avert disaster. But there are some guys who would wear that button out if such a thing existed, like the one driving the blue Corvette in this video.

Over the course of 13-plus minutes, we’re treated to the view from a following vehicle as the Z06 weaves in and out of traffic, slides around corners, cuts donuts in the middle of an intersection, and then finally exceeds the limits of traction and driver skill on a narrow, tree-lined road. The bill comes due in the form of massive damage to the left rear suspension and body; so bad, in fact, that we’re told in the video description that the poor C5 was totaled out due to frame damage.

Nothing's safer than a left turn in front of oncoming traffic, crossed up and sliding...

Purportedly, the driver of the Corvette was an employee of the exotic used car dealership in Baltimore, Maryland that owned the car, and had “borrowed” it for a little drive in the country. According to the video description, he wasn’t fired for killing the C5, and went on, two weeks later, to total out a Viper against a Jersey wall in a similar incident. Somehow he wasn’t fired for that, either (though we would be surprised if he still had the combination to the dealership key locker).

It just goes to show that even though you have to get older, you don’t have to get any smarter…

Skip ahead to the 12:30 mark if you want to skip all the foreshadowing and just get to the crash...


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