Video: Homebuilt Trike with Corvette Power is as Scary as it Sounds

‘Horrifying’ was the first word that came to mind as we watched the beginning of this video, and the longer we watched, the deeper we dug into our thesaurus for a word that might accurately describe the terribly treacherous trike with a lack of success. Watch as the trike’s owner proudly proclaims that the homebuilt machine (which allegedly is powered by a Corvette engine, though all we can say is that it definitely looks like a small block Chevy of some kind) will run speeds in excess of 160 MPH, by his best guess.

This is a man unafraid of failure. He does not ask for your approval. Look upon his works and weep in silent awe.

The owner of this magical mystery machine would be right at home on the People Of Walmart website – how fitting is it that this interview takes place in a Wal-Mart parking lot?

Let’s say we take him at face value, and the engine isn’t a 305 from a ’77 Nova. If this engine did in fact come out of a Corvette (of just about any vintage) as he states, then it could certainly power the trike to triple-digit speeds. But 160 MPH?

We’d be a little concerned doing anything more strenuous than parking-lot maneuvers for fear that the Mil-Spec netting holding down the groceries might dislodge too easily from the cargo bed, or that the cargo bed might dislodge from the back of the bike itself, or the handlebars might become nothing more than a boomerang-shaped piece of metal as they break off and we go hurtling down a cliff…

Bonus: You can set the timing while you ride! Try that with a Ford...

And yet at the end of the video, there he goes, driving off into the sunset, happy as a clam. We just don’t know if he made it to the stoplight. 

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