Holley Performance YouTube Page Offers NOS Tips ‘n’ Tricks

When it comes to bolt-on supremacy, there’s no denying the instant power and reliability from a simple nitrous oxide kit to your current project car or daily driver. In years past, it took more than a set of tools to achieve the desired power from any number of naturally aspirated or boosted small- and big-block applications. 

Now, however, nearly any weekend-wrencher can get the race-style parts with off-the-shelf availability. This means less down-time and more time in the drivers seat hauling around since reliability remains a crucial factor even with today’s modern-built haulers and sleds.

Enthusiasts not only want to go fast, they want drive their vehicles everyday to work and who can blame them? With this type of attitude, the benefits of nitrous oxide systems become more clear.

Not only is nitrous affordable but requires no more than a basic set of hand tools and an afternoon to install. Holley Performance, a name synonymous with performance, has created some of the most user-friendly nitrous oxide kits in the aftermarket. To assure their base of customers and enthusiasts have a grasp of how nitrous works, operates and installs, NOS has an entire video page dedicated to the subject.

This consolidation of videos allows nearly anybody to become a nitrous-installing guru in less than an hour. Seriously, NOS has put together 18, in-depth nitrous oxide videos. It’s a total of 52 combined minutes to make sure current or potential users understand how nitrous works, the NOS line of products and how to install a variety of their kits including wiring. While this review of nitrous may seem like a broken record to some, keep in mind, we were all beginners at one point. Of course, all of these videos are available through the Holley Performance NOS YouTube.com page.

The NOS philosophy begins with an introduction to nitrous and kicks into high gear by following that up with the differences between dry and wet nitrous.  From there, start taking notes. The NOS YouTube page consists of videos that range from one to ten minutes, depending on the subject. That’s not all either. To find out more, make sure to head on over to the NOS YouTube page for the entire feed of videos.




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