Earl’s Performance Plumbing and the entire Holley Performance Family want to wish you and yours “Happy Holidays”, and what better way to do that than with a little automotive themed Christmas Carol like this entertaining cartoon that was recently posted to Holley’s YouTube Channel featuring Earl the “Little Plumber Boy”.

The folks from Earl’s took the traditional “Little Drummer Boy” Christmas carol, and added their own lyrics to go along with Earl the “Little Plumber Boy’s” story of how he came to life off a sticker on a tool box one snowy day, and plumbed a brand new race car. I our favorite line is “Our finest fittings we bring – plumb, plumb, plumb, plumb, plumb – To deliver fuel and things – plumb, plumb, plumb, plumb, plumb.” Check out the video for yourself because it really is pretty entertaining.

Be sure to visit Earl’s Website if you need fittings for your new-born race car, and happy holidays from the entire Holley Performance Family, as well as all of us here a powerTV.