You knew it could only be a matter of time – the good folks at High Tech Corvette, known for their fine YouTube videos, have once again taken the winning formula of a good-looking girl riding in a fast car and applied it to the new 2014 Corvette Stingray. We’ve previously seen a young woman named Leann in two different videos enjoying a twin-turbo C6, an unidentified blond in a 1,200 horsepower 5th gen Camaro, another pair (ahem) of videos featuring Giselle riding in a modified CTS-V, and a spunky redhead riding shotgun in a turbo Z06.


htcc71So what makes this video stand out? Well, for one thing, unlike the previous videos this one features what seems to be an unmodified Corvette – though it doesn’t have the same breathtaking acceleration as the boosted cars in the previous videos, it’s still more than enough to put a broad smile on the lovely Latina passenger’s face. We also get to see a bit of an impromptu back-road race against a C6 Corvette, which seems to be a pretty even match for the Stingray.

Oh, and there’s one more thing that makes this video different. The lovely lady in the passenger seat actually wears her seatbelt properly for almost the entire video, rather than slipping the shoulder harness down for, uh, let’s say “greater comfort.” But we’re guessing that if you watched the video, you already noticed that…