Video: Hendrick Motorsports and the NCRS Top Flight Award Corvettes

Hendrick Motorsports is a driving force in stock car racing, fielding multiple Chevrolet teams for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. But the company does more than just supply and compete with four NASCAR teams. The company also provides an extensive knowledge base and supply of cars to customers through the Hendrick Automotive Group’s car dealerships and Hendrick Performance. See how that translates into top-of-the-line service and commitment to customers looking to buy National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) Top Flight award winning Corvettes in the Vimeo video above.

Rick Hendrick has always idolized the Chevy brand, especially when it comes to Corvettes. That’s why Hendrick Performance is now one of the leading places to go if you’re looking to buy a rare, unique, numbers-matching or just good quality Corvette of any year. But the Hendrick companies won’t just sell you a car; they will find the perfect one for you and stand behind it whether you want to show it, build it or have it judged by the NCRS.

A lot of things go into being judged for the NCRS Top Flight Award. Not only does the society look for clean, fully restored cars, they also look to see that everything works mechanically on the car, all components are date correct, and the Corvette is of the highest quality standard based on a 4,500-point inspection checklist. Every nook and cranny on each car is dissected for perfection, right down to how much chrome is on the bumpers.

Because Hendrick strives for NCRS Duntov Award quality from his Corvettes, his employees know exactly what it takes to win an NCRS award and will do the leg work for the customer to find a car that lives up to those standards. This eliminates the guess work of going to auctions and not quite knowing if what you’re buying is really up to par.

If you’re looking for a NCRS award-winning Corvette, or maybe something a bit more on the performance or daily-driver side of things, be sure to check out Hendrick Automotive Group and Hendrick Performance. Finding the perfect Corvette for you is exactly what these companies are all about.

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