It’s not every day that you see a C6 and a C3 go at it on the track, especially a “track” that is barely adequate at best. In a YouTube video recently covered on CorvetteBlogger, an Atomic Orange Z06 goes head to head with a 1973 Corvette Coupe. With no burnout boxes, no drag tree and no speed trap at the end of the track, it makes me wonder where this less-than-amazing track is located – especially with two very well maintained cars racing on it.

The video shows the apparently modified C3 getting the jump on the Z06 upon launch. However, the race seems extremely close all the way down to the finish line, with the C6 staying neck and neck with the C3.

The video is shot from the stands adjacent to the starting line and no finishing times are shown, so it’s hard to tell just which car won at the end of the track. We’ll let you make your own conclusion as to which Vette is the winner after watching the short video.