Video: Have You Seen My Corvette – And That Hot Officer?

File this one under WTF – it seems that Maria Montanez-Colon was having a heated moment when she picked up the phone to call 911 and ask about her Corvette.

Once the officer arrived, Mrs. Montanez-Colon immediately asked the officer about his marital status, and according to his report, she said “I haven’t been penetrated in years. I am so horny.” After the officer tried to force the conversation back towards the reason for her 911 call, she gave it the old college second try.  “You can [expletive] me,” she allegedly said.

Apparently, the Punta Gorda, Florida woman had signed the Corvette over to her stepson after her husband died, and she wanted the car back. Subsequently, Mrs. Colon – who clearly had been having a good time with beverages of the alcoholic variety – received a warning to not call 911 when there was no actual emergency.

montanezSo what happened next? If you can believe it, after the officer left the house, graciously refusing her offer (and we can see why from her mugshot), she called back about an hour later.

Why? To try to get the same officer to come back to the house so she could try to solicit him again, as she was angry he didn’t take her up on the offer the first time. Seems some people just don’t get the hint. 

When the officer responded again, she used some choice language to express just how upset she was that she had been turned down, and her actions landed her in a set of cuffs, destined to spend the night with an officer after all – this time, at the station house, getting booked for stupidity.

Mrs. Montanez-Colon has been arrested five times previously for a variety of offenses. We can only imagine what those offenses are. No word on what happened to the Corvette.

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