Video: Greek C6 Gets a Sponge Bath

There’s something to be said for a hot girl draped all over a Corvette – after all, isn’t that what drives many middle-aged men to head on over to the Chevrolet dealership after their ‘starter wife’ has moved on? Of course it is! Unfortunately, this particular video was shot in Greek, and since we have no resident Greek members of the staff, we weren’t able to translate any of it for you. Thankfully, curves like the ones in this video don’t really need much translating – they speak on their own, in a language that doesn’t include consonants or vowels. Bikinis, high heels, car-wash wand, and a sponge – any more than that and you take the chance of ruining the fantasy.

One of the things that struck us as quite interesting during the video was just how cozy the car wash girl and some of her friends were willing to get with the car’s owner and his buddies. At one point there are four people, including one shirtless driver, “washing” the car, and towards the end we get a photoshoot with the car to go with the beautiful Greek woman. After all, doesn’t every freshly-cleaned Corvette deserve a pretty girl to pose with it?

Perhaps that’s what the mid-life crisis thing is all about, and these gentlemen have everything right, and we’re apparently doing everything all wrong. If you’re willing to spend almost seven minutes watching the video, maybe you can come up with a better plan? Short of hopping into the car and driving to the Chevrolet dealer to drop $60k on a new Corvette, of course…



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