Video: Gravel Invades Corvette After High-Speed Spinout

The Chevrolet Corvette is America’s premier sports car, and has been for decades. So we’re always happy when we see a late-model Corvette actually out on a road course, racing as it was intended to do. Still, with racing comes risks, and Corvettes aren’t exactly cheap cars; all it takes is turning the steering wheel a little bit too far one way or the other, and your race day could come to a premature end.

We came across this on-board video of a high-speed Corvette spinout at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia. Pay special attention as the gravel scatters through the car like a shotgun blast.

Summit Point opened in 1970, and since then it has been an important destination for professional and amateur racers up and down the East Coast. Judging from the variety of vehicles at the track, we imagine this was some sort of open track day, rather than an actual race… and good thing too, because in turn three the driver points the car too far left, over-corrects, and ends up spinning out into a gravel trap.

Thankfully, the driver knows that analysis is part of getting better when it comes to racing, and a slow motion replay shows exactly what goes wrong. Oversteer sent the Corvette’s back end wide around the corner, and a moment of panic means an over-correction that sent the Corvette skidding through a gravel stop. You can actually see gravel bouncing around inside the car.

Thankfully, the damage was only cosmetic, which was why our driver was able to get back into the fray. Still, it’s scary to think how this might have gone worse had there been another car in close proximity. If there is such a thing, this was a lucky spinout to be sure.

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