Video: Grand Sport Corvette Replica Meets Dirt!

Some things seem like a natural fit: peanut butter and jelly, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Santa Claus and Christmas, Corvettes and pure speed on paved roads. However, seeing a Corvette (a Corvette Grand Sport replica, to be exact) speed, slip and slide its way through some serious dirt roads should make Corvette fans sit up and take notice.

This special car will be driven at the East-African Safari Rally in Kenya this year (November 21-29, 2013) by Michiel Campagne and Mike van Thiel. Tachyon Motorsport (located in Amsterdam) builds and modifies race cars, and this Grand Sport replica is one of them. It was recently tested for the first time at a military training ground in Amersfoort (the second largest city in the  province of Utrecht), located in the central region of the Netherlands.

Watching the video of the Grand Sport Replica going through its paces on dirt roads (by way of a camera on the roof of the car) gives viewers quite a fascinating perspective of what it is like to drive on such a challenging course. The frenetic, jarring, side-to-side movement of the speeding car as the driver fights to keep it straight every second is a thrill ride in itself.

The blue and white Grand Sport replica muscles its way through the dirt with an equally powerful exhaust note coming from the rear of the car. It’s not an effortless trek by any means; the Grand Sport gets stuck on the test course early in the video, providing further evidence of the challenging nature a dirt road presents to the drivers who must race on them. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Michiel Campagne and Mike van Thiel will have their hands full come late November–but it should be one heck of a ride.

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