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Video: GoPro Captures Speeding C6 Getting Busted by the Fuzz

By Clifton Klaverweiden

posted on Jan 4, 2012

It’s only natural to expect most of the driving footage captured by a GoPro camera to be of a “spirited” nature – just motoring along at the speed limit doesn’t really make for exciting cinema. However, this video recently posted to YouTube features footage of one young delinquent in a C6 convertible getting pulled over after trying to make some high speed movie magic with his new GoPro.

Instead, he gets a set of red and blue lights flashing in his rear-view mirror, and pulling over to the shoulder, bumping across the warning strip, and greeting a highway patrolman at his driver’s side window. We don’t actually get to see what the driver was doing before he gets pulled over, but according to the officer who made the stop the C6 was going so fast that it nearly “peeled one of the stripes” off the side of his cruiser. After giving the Corvette driver a healthy ration of crap for a few minutes about speeding, and giving one stern look right into the GoPro, the officer decides to let him off with just a warning – his “lucky day”, indeed.

Seeing this video got us to thinking that it’s actually pretty amazing that there aren’t more GoPro pull-over videos floating around out there. Don’t let yourself be next…

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