Yet another father has decided to bestow his knowledge of burnouts upon his 16-year-old daughter and the results are impressive. In true 16-year-old fashion the daughter has a disdainful expression on her face as her father narrates the video where he will be teaching her how to drive a 436-horsepower C6 Corvette. After only a few seconds she assures her father that she knows how to drive the ‘vette and that she can handle it just fine. Her father starts explaining to her to let the clutch out slowly and she immediately informs him to stop because she knows what she’s doing. A little banter and a couple of smiles later she is asking him to let her take the Corvette out by herself; most fathers would cringe at the thought of a 16-year-old behind the wheel of a Corvette, but this father finally agrees his daughter do just that.

As he exits the car, he tells her that she can take it down the street once slowly (emphasis on slowly), however his daughter has a giant and mischievous smile before he shuts the passenger door. This smile foreshadows what is to come and that is one massive tire smoking session. Like the father who taught his daughter how to do the perfect donut in a rented C6, this father is documenting his daughter’s driving skills (he carefully edited to the video to block the license plate on his personal C6 in hopes of assuring anonymity once the video hit YouTube).

Once the door shuts the video cuts to a different angle, standing beside the driver’s side of the Corvette and suddenly his mandate of driving slowly goes up in smoke, literally. The engine roars as the revs climb and smoke erupts from the rear tires as the car barrels down the street.  Without being able to see who is actually behind the wheel from the new angle it is possible that this a hoax, but it would be great to have a dad with a sense of humor involving a teen and a Corvette.