Video: GM’s Kirk Bennion Talks the Five Goals Behind the C7’s Design

When GM took on the task of introducing the next-generation Corvette to the Chevy lineup, there were a lot of things kept in mind. But while you may be able to come up with a couple off the top of your head, chances are that you don’t actually know what the top five goals of the C7 Corvette design were. Luckily, on this episode of Faces of GM, Corvette Exterior Design Manager Kirk Bennion reveals exactly that.


While Bennion is one of the lead guys behind the latest Corvette, he’s been involved in the design and creation of the American icon since 1986. His years of experience have lead him to his current position and the ability to drive the future of Corvette forward.

To do that, Bennion and his team set five goals initially for the exterior design of the car. Ironically enough, these didn’t deal with weight reduction or engine performance – they just dealt with the new face of Corvette.

The first goal was to change the upper aspect and give the car a distinct look from 100 yards away. The team also discussed making the front end of the car more aggressive looking, or “serious,” as Bennion puts it.

The side cove or vents were also targeted. This component of the Corvette is a signature piece for the American sports car and the design team decided it needed to be bolder and more expressive. The overall sculpture of the car was to follow suit, displaying a form of artwork rather than being just another car.

c7_five_goals_2The final goal for the exterior design was a revamp of the rear end. In addition to signature taillights and that oh-so-wide stance, Chevrolet wanted to show off their use of LED technology through the rear tail lamps.

Bennion’s Corvette passion is obvious, whether it be from his SCCA years racing Corvettes or his eye for design for future Corvette generations. Lucky for us, it is this passion that has helped fuel the seventh-generation Stingray for 2014.

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