Video: GM Releases The First 2014 Corvette C7 Teaser

GM has promised that the next Corvette will be different in the best possible way. The tagline GM is using is that the 2014 Corvette C7 has been rethought and engineered to deliver a whole new driving experience. What that really means is anybody’s guess, and boy there sure a lot of guesses out there these days. But with the counter ticking down, we’ll find out soon enough what GM has in store for its halo sports car.

The General has just released the first official teaser video for the Corvette C7, and while it is just 58-seconds in length, there is enough here to keep Corvette fans dissecting the video for at least a few days.

The video starts with some unfocused images of what we assume is GM’s clay-modeling room, where the C7 Corvette’s shape was finalized. We get a few close-ups of the Corvette, but nothing that really gives away the final design.

As we get further into the video, GM takes away from the clay-modeling room to the Virginia International Raceway, or VIR. Here we get shots of Corvette test drivers and some spinning wheels, but again, nothing too revealing. It seems certain that the next Corvette will stay close to its racing roots though.

Finally we get to the good stuff, quick flashes and teasers of the final product from the 40-second to 50-second mark. The rapid-fire nature of the video leaves little time for deciphering what exactly we are seeing. We see the rear-quarter panel, the exhaust tips, the sideview mirror, and what looks like a closeup of some louvers…but it is hard to make out exactly what we’re seeing in all of these shots.

Comb over this video and let us know if you see anything worth getting really excited about.

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