There’s nothing quite as flattering as a tailor-made suit, but can that concept transfer over to your brand new GM vehicle? Dedicated to protecting their vehicles through and through until their final delivery to you, General Motors has teamed up with CoverCar, a subsidiary of Italy’s Confezioni Andrea S.r.I., to give some of their most popular brand new cars and trucks the covering protection they deserve. Check out how these unique covers came to be and how they increase the protection of your favorite GM vehicles in the video above.

Images: GM

The whole idea behind GM’s new tailor-made vehicle covers is to better protect new cars being delivered to dealerships worldwide. However, it doesn’t hurt that the covers also make the vehicles in-transport look better than traditional plastic shipping covers.

Many of GM’s vehicles are shipped thousands of miles away from their manufacturing facility, meaning an ample number of opportunities for the vehicles to get scratched, rock-chipped, dinged or covered in dirt and grime while traveling all over the world on car haulers, boats or trains.

These new covers protect the vehicles from these damaging factors much better than the plastic wrap that is usually applied to new vehicles that are being shipped to far-off destinations.

“These covers address an important part of the customer experience, ensuring that vehicles delivered thousands of miles away appear as though they just rolled off the assembly line,” Noel Hunt, GM manager of international quality stated in a recent news release.

In 2013, CoverCar set up shop in southeast Michigan to better serve GM’s needs, including visiting manufacturing plants to custom fit covers to selected vehicles.

The first new GM vehicles to receive custom CoverCar covers were the 2013 Chevy Volt, also known as the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera in European markets. Following these cover releases was one for the 2014 Stingray, which GM uses for all new Corvettes no matter if they are going two miles or 2,000.

Many new Corvette owners even keep these one-time protective coverings as souvenirs after their cars are delivered.

New GM vehicles currently shipped with CoverCar covers include the Corvette Stingray and Cadillac ELR, as well as Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickup trucks.

In addition to protecting the vehicles, the new CoverCar covers make it easier for each vehicle to be moved and driven during the transport process. This means that none of the protective covering needs to be removed for transport companies to load and unload each new vehicle from trucks or rail cars.

With approximately 100,000 new GM vehicles set to use custom CoverCar covers this year, there’s no telling just how wide-spread this trend will become in the future!