About the only thing less common than a C4 Corvette in Germany would have to be a C4 with extensively modified bodywork, but that’s just what we have here. Based on the signs seen at the end of the clip, this Y-body was captured somewhere near the German city of Koblenz, which straddles the Rhine river at its confluence with the Moselle in the western part of the country.

A quick Google image search turns up similar looking wide body C4 kits, but nothing exactly like what’s seen in the video. Is it a custom modification of existing aftermarket panels, or a bespoke body? There’s no way to know, but we’re betting the driver never sees another car just like his while cruising the Autobahn.

Which brings us to the question, is this really an improvement on the drawn-with-a-T-square lines of the C4 Corvette? The aqua paint color is another issue, having more in common with mid-60’s appliances than early-90’s automobiles. In any case, it certainly sounds good, and it looks like it makes the driver happy, so it’s hard to find too much fault with this particular Corvette.

So what’s your opinion? Would you proudly hit the highway in this probably one-of-a-kind Corvette vert?