Video: Funny Commercial Pits Woman Versus Z06 For a Man’s Attention

Ladies, we know it can be tough to compete for a man’s undivided attention – especially in a world filled with sports, food, and 505 horsepower Corvettes. This comical commercial titled “Your Car is Personal” takes a look at just how difficult it can be to get a man to focus on something other than his car, and the surprising results of what can happen when a woman tries to compete with a C6 Z06 for a guy’s focus.  

The commercial was produced by Fratres Films, in Oslo, Norway. The company is a partnership between David Berget and Farid Omer, who are both graduates of the Westerdals School of Communication. According to the Fratres Films’ website, Berget and Omer like to focus their ads on a specific market, and even though the text is in English, we suspect that the Commercial was produced for Chevrolet for the northern European market.   

Ladies, please remember - Don't lean on the dream.

The commercial begins with a brunette in a little black dress strutting past as a man leaves a coffee shop. She walks right over to his beautiful C6 Z06, and uses the gleaming mirror reflection of the paint to apply her lipstick, then hops right up on the driver’s side fender. If she was trying to get his attention, it worked, because he immediately drops his coffee and quickly walks up to the woman. He takes her firmly by the arm – and unceremoniously shoves her off his Z06, with a look that seems to convey, “Hey, no leaning on the dream, lady.” He jumps in the car and drives off into the sunset without a second look, as the shocked woman throws her hands up in disbelief.

Honestly, we’d probably do the same exact thing if a stranger sat on our Z06.

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