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Video from the Far East Showcases a Camaro and Corvette

Plug “Camaro” or “Corvette” into the YouTube search box and you’ll come up with a mixed bag of results – a lot of dealership walk-arounds, plenty of underexposed cell phone videos of weak-sauce street races, and the occasional diamond in the rough. This video falls into the latter category.

While the text is almost entirely in Moonspeak, the love of American cars needs no translation. It’s a day on the road with a 5th Gen Camaro, a C6 Corvette, a Mitsubishi ragtop (hey, nothing’s perfect!) and a few lovely girls. There’s car to car action, drive-by shots, and a few stops along the way to appreciate the scenery – particularly the girls.

From context (mainly driving on the left hand side of the road, the license plates, and the beauty shot of the three cars with Mt. Fuji in the background) we can gather that this video hails from Japan, and with that beleaguered country in the news so much over the last month, it’s nice to see it portrayed as something other than the setting for disaster and tragedy. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we experience the love of American cars from a foreign perspective…

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