Video: Forgiato’s Stunning C7 Wide Body

Have you ever thought to yourself, “my Corvette doesn’t turn enough heads”? Of course not. It’s among the least inconspicuous cars on the road today. If you don’t feel your car gets enough attention, however, Forgiato has the ideal solution for you.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.59.44 PMGRIn recent days, Forgiato have promoted their partnership with Arizona-based Couture Customs to offer this upgrade to your C7. The package is eye-catching, with paint so vividly orange it’s only seen one other place on Earth: the inside of a volcano. Naturally, the next things you will notice are the immense fenders, large enough to make AMG Mercedes drivers run home and cry with a pint of ice cream. The details, however, are what make this stand out from existing wide bodies. Those 22-inch wheels are Forgiato’s own F2.04, and that splitter and grille are brand new as well. Lastly, they sign their work with a Forgiato badge on the rear of the car.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 12.01.41 AMGRThis isn’t the only example, either. It has two sister cars, each in equally blinding shades of blue and red. Neither of the others have the removable hardtop, and have gone instead for the convertible configuration. They wear Maglias and F2.19’s respectively.

So, do you have a C7? How about a big chunk of disposable income? Can’t wait for the Z06? We have a suggestion: combine this and a tune by Late Model Racecraft to yield the closest thing we’ll see to the new Z06 until its release.

Bonus Video: Behind the Scenes

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