Video: Forgeline Shows Off Their New Concave Series Wheels

CF3CNo doubt about it, concave wheel designs are one of the hottest things on the street right now. Now thanks to Forgeline, you can have all the stylin’ looks you want from a concave wheel, while gaining the lightweight and ultra-strong performance characteristics that Forgeline is so well known for. In this video from YouTube, David Schardt of Forgeline Motorsports takes us through the specifics of the CF3C and RB3C Concave Wheels.

First up is the CF3C, which is a timeless five spoke design that would look great on any vehicle you might want to put it on. The second Forgeline style in the Concave Series is the RB3C, which features ten spokes with a very slight rotational twist to them. The RB3C comes in both right hand and left hand directional twists in the spokes, so they will look “correct” on both sides of your car.

RB3CBoth the CF3C and RB3C Concave Wheels can be had in two different profiles of “concavity.” Schardt says, “We have what we call the ‘deep concave’, which has the spokes slanted down inside the center at quite an angle. These work well in low offset applications, typically in the rear. And then we have what you would call a more ‘shallow concave’. This enables us to fit just about any application… most applications will take a shallow concave front, and a deep concave rear which makes for a really nice staggered look.”

No matter what your taste in style, finish, or performance level, the experts at Forgeline have your needs and wants covered.

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