Video: Fitting Seven Chevys Neatly In A Three-Car Garage

Finding storage space for all of your cars can be troublesome, especially if you have over half a dozen cars and only a 3-car garage. But as this video from Phil of Phil’s Classic Chevys in Concord, Ohio shows, it’s all about proper positioning when trying to squeeze over twice as many cars into an allotted area. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a storage lift and a few friends to help you out.

You'd be hard-pressed to find all the classic Chevys in this picture, let alone find a way to squeeze them into a 3-car garage.

Phil owns seven extremely nice classic Chevys, eight if you include the grand kids’ #3 Compuware Corvette, and amazingly he fits them all in a 3-car garage. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, the proof is in the video above where Phil, his father-in-law and a couple of his friends show just how his ‘06 Corvette convertible, ’63 Sting Ray Corvette, ’57 Corvette roadster, ’69 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Camaro, ’57 Bel Air convertible, ’31 AE Independence Sport Coupe and ’55 3100 pickup fit in the tight quarters. They even demonstrate how each car is moved in and out of the garage safely.

Now parking cars in a garage doesn’t sound like glued-to-your-seat entertainment, but watching Phil’s cars being maneuvered out and then back into the garage is like watching a piece of artwork come to life. What we’d like to know is how long it took Phil to figure out the correct car pattern for his garage in the first place.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive garages, but this one is certainly at the top of list. The only problem is, Phil now has a ‘67 Corvair he just finished up that will need a place to go. Who knows, maybe there’s enough room for an eighth car in the 3-car building.

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