The popular Barrett-Jackson Auction was held this past weekend in Palm Beach, Florida, and as usual, there were some cars that brought in some big money.

The 2015 Corvette Z06 was the car we, and probably everyone else, were waiting to see because we were curious if Rick Hendrick was really going to nab it – of course, he did. Hendrick shelled out a cool $1M for the first 2015 Z06 off of the assembly line, but the money went to a great cause.

Hendrick is very big on supporting cancer research endeavors and the Z06 purchase was a no-brainer because all of the $1 million that he bid on the car went to the Karmanos Cancer Institute – one of Chevrolet’s favorite charities. The reason why Hendrick loves supporting cancer research charities is because he, at one point, suffered from Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, which has a high mortality rate. Without aggressive and experimental treatment, Hendrick wouldn’t be here with us today. 

“This is an easy one for me, because we do a lot with the cancer folks,” Hendrick explained. “My life’s been spared by research.” Props to Rick Hendrick on his purchase and for donating so much money to the Karmos Cancer Institute – enjoy your new beast in good health!

We couldn’t help but notice that when Hendrick’s bidding competitor, “Charlie,” was almost crowned the winning bidder, he went in for a high five from the bidder’s assistant and was completely denied – skip to 1:15 in the video for a good laugh. Just thought we’d share that moment because it sure gave us a much needed Monday chuckle.