Video: “Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage” Takes Z06 For a Spin

“Fireball Tim,” host of Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage tells us, “Armed with a tiny Sony camera and a Macbook Pro, I’m gonna ride in some of the coolest cars on the planet!” In this episode the eccentric and comedic host takes a C6 Z06 for a cruise around the hills of Malibu, in sunny southern California.

Tim wakes up one morning from his usual dreams of cool cars, and decides that he wants to take his favorite toy C6 for a spin. Thanks to a few drops of “Big Muscle Liquid” he transforms the toy into a real Z06 right in the middle of a parking lot. (If only it were really that easy, right?)

During the test drive and review of the Z06 Tim’s only complaints about the car is that the cup holders are too small (he likes “those big cups of Joe”), and that there isn’t much cargo space. Tim tells us, “There’s not much in the rear compartment. Just enough [room] for a few bags of groceries… and maybe your mother-in-law.” Tim is also perhaps the first car critic in history to actually say that he likes the Corvette’s stock interior and seats just how they are, rather than taking the opportunity to scold GM for not using higher quality materials.

Finally, an alarm warns Tim that the “Big Muscle Liquid” is about to wear off, and he leaps from the car just before it transforms back into a toy. But, was it all just a dream? Watch to find out…

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Clifton has been a car fanatic since his late teens, when he started the restoration of his '67 Camaro. He considers himself a student of automotive science and technology, and particularly loves all things LSX. And, although he has an appreciation for everything, from imports to exotics, his true passion will always be for GM musclecars.
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