Video: FAST LSXr Intake Manifold Shows Big RWHP Gains on LS2 C6

As if anyone really needs any more proof of just how awesome FAST’s LSXr 102 manifolds are, here we have a bit of video evidence of the kind of power gains these manifolds are capable of. This video we came across on YouTube features a 2005 LS2 Corvette that is far from stock; sporting a set of American Racing full-length headers, a 3” Borla exhaust, and a ported throttle body in addition to the FAST 102 LSXr Intake Manifold. To do the before and after tests with the FAST LSXr manifold, the car was taken to the New Era Performance shop in Rochester, New York.

As a baseline run with its existing mods the C6 made a suitable 372 horsepower and 373 pound feet of torque at the rear wheels. After installing the FAST LSXr intake manifold it was back to the DynoJet, where the Atomic Orange Vette’s power jumped to 393 horsepower, and the torque reading jumped all the way to 402 pound feet. That’s a total gain of 21 horsepower and 29 pound feet of torque just from a relatively simple intake swap, and as the video points out that’s enough to produce a “major kick in the pants on the ‘Butt Dyno’.” Be sure to check out the video, and hit up FAST’s website for more info on the LSXr Intake Manifold.

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