Video: Famous Shark Body Corvette Has Its Day in the Spotlight

By now you’ve probably figured out that every Corvette generation has its highlights, whether we’re talking the first year for the model, industry performance advances or different body styles. The third-generation for the Corvette is no different, as Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles points out in this latest Corvette Generations video dedicated to none-other than the famed C3. As the longest generation of Corvettes, the C3 era is remembered fondly for form, function, and plenty of racing history.

The C3 Corvette got its start in 1968 when the famous Sting Ray generation ended after just five years. But lucky for Corvette and Sting Ray enthusiasts, Chevrolet brought back the iconic name, this time as one word, for the next generation American sports car in 1969.

Under the Stingray name (which lasted through 1976), the C3 Corvette gained power, prestige and of course we can’t forget about that notable “Shark Body” design fashioned after the 1965 Mako Shark Corvette that makes the C3 stand out. By 1970, the Corvette was boasting a potent 454ci engine and went on to make even more of a name for itself in the racing circuits.

Unfortunately, the 1970s weren’t very kind to powerful factory cars as gas price hikes and the introduction of emissions standards took their toll not only on the Corvette, but also on American muscle in general. But the Corvette survived, living on to bring collectable cars like the 25th Anniversary Silver Edition Corvette and the Indianapolis Pace Car replica to the forefront, both in 1978.

The C3 Corvette generation lasted through 1982, gracing over a decade with its fantastic design and performance options. Be sure to stay tuned as we explore a classic C3 from Colorado in the near future.

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