If you’re a die-hard Corvette fan, chances are that you’re counting down the days until the C7’s official reveal (January 13th here we come!). But before the next-generation sports car even headed to its official reveal location, some lucky Vette fans got a chance to experience some of the top of the line sixth-generation cars at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada.

But this wasn’t just another day at the motorsports complex. In fact, the individuals you see in the video above all won the opportunity to get behind the wheel of America’s favorite sports car at one of the most well-known facilities in the country through Facebook. And you thought that social media contests were just for teens.

To celebrate the Corvette Facebook page reaching 1 million fans, Chevrolet asked Corvette enthusiasts across the country to submit stories of their favorite Corvette moments for a chance to win an exclusive trip to the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. While countless individuals submitted stories, only five people were selected for the trip of a lifetime – a day of high-performance driving in the Nevada desert.

After selecting their cars, contest winners Julia Roberts, Joseph Walker, Nick Guzman, Daniel Stopka, and Manny Masias took to the pavement for some fun. Starting out with classroom work, the contest winners quickly graduated to on-track driving experience instructed by Spring Mountain driving instructors Rick Malone and Ricardo Apolinar.

From the Corvette owners to the Corvette dreamers in the group, it’s safe to say all parties involved had a great time. How’s that for the perfect day for a Corvette enthusiast?