Video: F1-X-equipped C6 Corvette Puts Down 1,445 HP At The Wheels

With Corvettes such as the ZR1 and the new Z06 coming with factory-supercharged engines producing over 600 horsepower, it’s not hard to justify wanting more power to keep up with the factory arms race.

Naturally-aspirated LS3s are very stout engines, but there’s always something that can be done to squeeze out more power to satisfy that ever-so-needy adrenal gland. Apparently, the factory numbers didn’t cut it for this Corvette owner, so he turned to Advanced Modern Performance in Arlington, Texas to have the car built how he envisioned it in his dreams.

This isn’t your ordinary dream ‘Vette, though, unless your dream ‘Vette has over 1,400 horsepower and has an exhaust note that could clear out a populated playground of preschoolers faster than the bell to go back to class. Underneath the hood of this C6 is a built LSX 427 equipped with a ProCharger F1-X, Mast LS7 heads, Precision Metalcraft intake manifold, and an AlkyControl dual-nozzle methanol injection, amongst other things. The runs you see in the video are all on VP C16 race fuel and boost only – no nitrous.

Although the car only made one pass on the dyno in the video, it’s enough to tell us that this Corvette means serious business. Serious enough to have people sitting in the trunk to put more weight over the rear tires so they don’t spin on the rollers. The whole setup in the car is officially good for 1,445 horsepower and 1,057 pound-feet of torque at the wheels. It must be a blast to drive this thing anywhere, especially at a drag strip or airstrip to unleash its full potential. Hopefully the owner of this powerful ‘Vette puts it to good use!

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