Video: Emasculating Your Corvette – There’s An App For That!

Traditionally, a 550 horsepower Corvette would be an impressive beast of a car – the pride and joy of a true gear head. But thanks to the iPhone, a 140 mile per hour run in this manly source of American muscle can now be changed into a rather flamboyant experience for everyone to see.

The Apple iPhone has been a pretty popular product since its debut in 2007. Not only can individuals text and call on this phone, they can also download any number of applications. One of these applications allows iPhone owners to shoot and edit videos right on their phones. They can even add music and graphics to their amateur videos. Thanks to YouTube, videos that are shot from the iPhone can be seen around the world, even ones that turn a great American sports car into a fru-fru source of entertainment.

Most gearheads have seen videos of powerful Corvettes making track runs, doing burnouts and drivers making fools of themselves. However, not many people get the opportunity to see a Corvette run down the road at 140 mph all while multi-colored triangles dance around the video frame and large bold letters state how fast the car is going, but thanks to a Corvette driver and iPhone owner, we can all experience it. The video even includes the occupants’ excitement that they are still alive displayed in bold letters on a colored background at the end.

Unless you happen to have an iPhone video skin with skulls or something, leave the Easter Bunny graphics to the Miata drivers, please…

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