Video: Edmunds Tests C7 Vette Versus SRT Viper

Puts the weapons away, ladies and gentlemen. Let your keyboards do the talking as the newcomer 2014 Stingray is pitted against a proven fighter, the 2013 SRT Viper.

corvetteviperslalomEveryone wants a piece of the new kid on the block, and vice versa. has been putting the fresh Vette through its paces against other rubber-burning vehicles, like the high-tech, four-wheel-drive 2013 Nissan GT-R.

Regarding that test, the reviews came back with this to say: While the GT-R has it down on paper–0-60 in 2.9 seconds, 1/4 mile at 11.3 seconds, et cetera–the fun and joy of driving a fast car is better found in the Stingray, with better feedback and driver involvement.

Thus, the American V8-powered Vette won against the the Japanese V-6er. This time, however, the C7 went up against the SRT Viper, a competing sports car (albeit in a far higher price bracket) that commands an enormous V-10 with 640hp. So how did things turn out?

The first test was 0-60. The SRT machine handily beat the Chevy at 3.7 seconds versus 4.3 seconds. The 1-foot rollout 0-60 had both cars shaving off two tenths of a second.

corvetteviperdragraceThe 1/4-mile showed the Viper achieving an excellent 11.72 seconds at 124mph. The Corvette lagged behind a bit at 12.39 seconds and 114mph.

Next up was braking, which showed the Corvette as the master, completing 60-0 in less than 100 feet. The Viper was a clear loser this time, having to stretch out to 110 feet despite weighing in almost 100 lbs. less than its adversary.

Afterwards, the guys conducted the skid pad test. The C7 won this round as well, coming in at 1.05 against the Viper’s almost-as-good 1.01.

The final test was a slalom. The SRT, lacking the nuance and finesse of the Corvette, had an average speed of 72.0mph and lost the to the Stingray’s 73.5mph.

So there you have it, folks. Of the five tests conducted, the Corvette edged out the victory and beat the Viper. Chris Walton posits at the end: “In terms of a winner, it’s kind of, ‘What are you after?'”

“Are you after a 0-60 time, or are you after something that’s got a lot more information and lot more delicacy? In terms of an all-around sports car, there is nothing better, in this comparison, than a Corvette.”

In the end, though, we leave it to you to decide who the real winner is. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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