Video: eBay Motors Restores A ’63 Split-Window

When eBay Motors first found the ’63 split window that would become their resto project in February of this year, they not only intended for the C2 to be a collaborative effort, but also one that would take about 6 months to finish. What has come to make the project unique is that it has indeed (so far) been revamped in the style of the everyday motoring enthusiast.

Randy Nonnenberg of eBay Motors explains in detail how the C2 project started as a mess of different Vette parts that weren’t necessarily era-correct. “The car was found in Yakima, Washington and purchased via Buy-It-Now on eBay for $33,500. It ran and drove but had a good number of problems and was a mash-up of many different Corvette components.”

But the fact that it is a split window makes it the most coveted of any Vette built, and eBay Motors wanted to make sure that they maintained a historically-accurate appearance when restoring the C2. “Vintage racing is a big part of our inspiration at Bring A Trailer. Whether it’s nostalgia drag racing, vintage road racing or historic stock cars, we like the way real street cars were modified for performance back in the day, often times with backing from the factory.”

For eBay, the styling cues of vintage race cars hold an appeal that never seems to fade, as Nonnenberg elaborates. “Those cars don’t seem to age the way modern custom and show cars do, so we wanted to go for a period correct look.”

So far eBay Motors, with direction from their fanbase, has had to strip the C2 down to its very skeleton in order to restore it to the degree of precision that they are after.

It’s a work in progress, but thus far eBay Motors’ C2 split window is an endeavor that looks promising for them and their vast community of readers. Stay tuned to see what becomes of their project car; we know we will!

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