Video: Eastern Europeans Seek Safety First in Z06 Drag Race

Eastern Europe isn’t exactly known for putting safety in the forefront of anything, but it seems they are at least starting to make a few misguided efforts during motorsports events. This YouTube video features a C6 Z06 facing off against a Zaz GTR, at an event somewhere in Eastern Europe called “Adrenalin Fest drag-racing” The driver seems to be having a bit of trouble getting a decent burnout going, and the officials are looking to do everything they can to protect the crowd should one of the cars lose control.

So how do they accomplish this? By posting two dudes on either side of the car to “hold” it in line and ensure that the car takes off straight buy giving it a little push. Really guys? Do you really think you’ve got a snow-ball’s chance of pushing that Z06 back in line with your bare hands if it started to get squirrely? A far more likely result is one of you getting your foot ran over.

Also, if you will, observe the awesome banners and snow fence “protecting” the crowd in case one of the car holders fails to keep cars on the track by sheer strength alone. It’s also notable that the crowd appears to have been moved back from the track about eight feet, as opposed to the typical race, where fans are allowed to pretty much stand on the track and high five the drivers as they pass.

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