Video: Eagles Guitarist Don Felder Talks Vettes with powerTV

Former Eagle’s guitarist Don Felder is a big fan of America’s Sports Car, and took some time to share this story with us before he went on stage at the 2011 Corvette Funfest. Don tells us that one day in 1965, back when he was in high school, he passed a used car lot on his bike (Don didn’t have a car just yet), and he laid eyes on a beautiful C1. Don says, “I absolutely fell in love with it. I wanted that car so badly that I went home that night and talked with my dad about it, because we were looking to buy a car.”

Giving some glimmer of hope to his dream, Don’s dad said they would consider it, and called up the family’s insurance agent to see what it would cost to insure the $2,500 Corvette. Don recalls, “We got a call back from the insurance broker the next day, and I think it was almost $2,000 a year to insure me to drive that car around at 16 years old! So, my dad thought it was just too much car for a young kid like me. But to this day I still love those old cars.”

Don may not have had his teenage dream of cruising a Corvette made into a reality, but it didn’t end his love for America’s Sports Car. He tells us, “That’s part of the reason I’m here at the Funfest. It’s just one of the most wonderful Corvette experiences around… it’s just a wonderful event to be a part of.”

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