Video: Duck Calls + ProCharged Corvette and RAM 1500

‘Vette lover and YouTuber, Cleetus McFarland, is known for his ridiculous videos. But, that doesn’t stop us from watching them. We still like the check them out to see what’s new with his 850-horsepower ProCharged Corvette. But, nothing was really “new” this time…

Recently, fans have been blowing up the comments section below his videos asking him to do random things in his videos– first it was turbo whistles in his exhaust, then it was a duck call stuck to his ProCharger, and then a balloon stuck to his ProCharger. Pointless? Yes. Entertaining? Yes.

Now fans have asked him to do a video with duck calls in his exhaust and, yet again, Cleetus has delivered.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.30.42 PM copy 2

He went on Amazon and bought fifteen more duck calls, now having 16 of these things to shove in his Corvette’s four exhaust tips. As with most of these experimental videos, there were a few technical difficulties– heat, melting, and the ‘Vette being too loud (duh!). So Cleetus and his friend, Cooper, eventually turned to his more quiet ProCharged RAM 1500 hoping for better results.

With the help of some duct tape and zip ties, they fit a whopping eight duck calls into each of the RAM’s exhaust tips. You can hear the sound lightly while revving, but they finally get a semi-successful run and reach a decent sound about three-quarters of the way through the video.

Next, we are expecting a video involving kazoos in the exhaust. Because, a fan left a comment saying to do so, which now has over 900 likes.

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